EVERLAST Construction Hires Quality Assurance Supervisors

EVERLAST Construction Hires Quality Assurance Supervisors


EVERLAST Construction places premium on quality assurance. Management sees the importance of close project monitoring and supervision. This calls for a constant and systematic approach for each construction phase. There should be a reliable quality assurance supervisor who performs multiple tasks. Work performed must be checked carefully based on the specifications and conditions finalized with suppliers as well as trade crews.

Quality assurance inspection is ideally conducted daily with a weekly assessment. This is not limited to review of techniques and materials. It should also cover meeting people, strengthening relationships, checking possible dangerous conditions or practices. The quality assurance process must include the following:

Ì     Inspect contractors in the work site as well as required permits.

Ì     See to it work is performed in accordance with contract specifications

Ì     Make sure that quality control is progressive.

Ì     Identify concerns to prevent serious issues.

Ì     Communicate with clients and crews regularly.

Ì     Coordinate any matters or problems with the project manager and customers.


With a variety of scenarios in residential construction, it is practically impossible to come up with a master checklist that covers all aspects of the project. Checklists, no matter how comprehensive, should only serve as guide and not a method of troubleshooting the project. The key is to understand all details if you are acting as owner and builder. In case this is not possible, there should be a construction manager who will provide assistance in project management.

Nowadays, construction firms are confronted with challenges that must be dealt with during construction or renovation. This enhances competitiveness of construction companies while ensuring quality services in the process.

Quality assurance in construction takes in planned and organized actions to guarantee confidence that the company will perform adequately. It should address the general concern of obtaining quality. Within this wide perspective, quality assurance inspection requires repeated evaluation of planning, design, creation of specifications, advertising, awarding of contracts, actual construction, and maintenance. There should be an integration of all activities.

The objectives of quality assurance inspection in the construction sector are clear-cut. It means that the building or residence is being constructed as it should be and the owner is 100 percent satisfied with the output. Inspection is a crucial technique and EVERLAST Construction knows about this completely.

As a leading provider of home improvement and renovation services, it has been transforming residential units in the San Francisco Bay area. It handles all kinds of remodeling for the kitchen, bathroom, and addition of rooms, design, custom cabinets, and total restoration. EVERLAST Construction makes use of electronic designs to speed up the construction process. The company’s three-step construction process includes design, materials/products and construction techniques.

EVERLAST Construction is also a green advocate and focuses on the values of energy efficiency; good air quality; non-toxic concerns and sustainability; recycling of materials; reduction of energy bills; lower maintenance costs; healthy living spaces; and, enhanced home value.

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